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Professional Digital Teams for Online World Cups

Your online challenge is becoming bigger and more complex. You need a faster time to market. You need remarkable and relevant content. You need engagement and conversion. You need the best online campaigns, platforms and execution. But how?

A Full Service Digital Agency with 250+ professionals

With this question in mind, Ecomgroup was founded. A Full Service Digital Agency with 250 professionals not employed. Not employed? No, we believe in temporary teams. We believe in the growing number of individual specialists and small collectives with a dedicated specialism. The have up-to-date knowledge, are experienced, are creative and are available when needed.

Ecomgroup acts as a Head Coach of a national sports team and selects the best and available players for this upcoming event (project). We take full responsibility on the legal, financial and project management side of your project. Just like any other agency but with much more creativity, flexibility, quality and less overhead.

Invent, present, activate and outshine.

We invent and present online campaigns for your company, brand or event. We activate and grow your online presence and business and manage your digital projects by a specialized and temporary team of professionals. In need of a creative, responsible and experienced team? Please contact us.

We do stuff

Choose (the app)

Ontwikkeling en implementatie van een online campagne rondom de app Choose.


Inbound recruitment strategie en uitvoering.


Alle netwerken werden bij elkaar gebracht, online, offline en een campagne werd gestart: werkenbij4IP.nl

De Persgroep

Strategisch advies m.b.t. de E-commerce activiteiten en interim E-commerce Management

Fletcher Hotels

Vanaf eind 2015 ondersteunt Ecomgroup Fletcher Hotels bij het realiseren van haar nieuwe website. Naast het opstellen...

ANWB Online

Van Mei 2015 tot Feb 2017 hebben wij E-Commerce Consulting, Interim en Project Management geleverd aan ANWB.
Our key values

Our key values

We’re different

We believe in selected teams

Temporary teams mean more flexibility, a faster time to market, higher quality and a lower invoice. If you combine that with the full responsibility of Ecomgroup, you see our business model. We have no partnerships with specific vendors, don’t push products and don’t push people. We just act as your single point of contact, we select the best team available and take care of projectmanagement and legal issues. From brainstorm to full service digital operation. 

250+ online specialists available

For every new job or project we select the best specialists available. Instead of selling our own employees and products, we select the best professionals in our network to help you finish your job. We work with a large pool of 250 independent online experts as well as with highly skilled developers from different european countries. With our own team of experienced project managers, we can guarantee both quality and budget.

Invent, present, build, activate and outshine

Our teams can create online concepts, define and optimize your online strategy, activate online campaigns, design, manage your projects, develop code and do the job.  You only pay for the work you have approved, so forget about dispensable definition studies, overhead or other unexpected lines in your invoice. Not only on new projects but also on maintenance and support.

Want to see what transparency looks like? Contact us for a free introduction.


We can start your new project tomorrow. We select a specialized team within few hours.


The advantage of a big network is the availability of resources. You are always next in line.

Higher quality 

With us, you hire the best specialists for the job, not the people that happen to be available at the agency.


Working with ecomgroup means no hidden or unexpected overhead costs. Full transparency.


Our network

Meet our network and partners

Igor Verhoeven

E-commerce strategist

Over 18 years experience in Online and E-commerce.  Strategist and consultant for ANWB Online, De Persgroep and Fletcher Hotels.  Project Manager for ANWB and Fletcher Hotels.

Rik de Boer

Owner SchaalX

10+ years of recruitment expertise will help you select the best internal team to develop and guide the digital strategy. While Ecomgroup rapidly formats an external and flexibel specialist team for every new project, we will recruit executives that both understand your business and market on the long term.

Marcel van der Meer

Founder Klikwork

Over 10 years of recruitment experience.  For Ecomgroup clients working on online and physical recruitment services. HR-advisor, senior recruitment consultant and recruiter. Believes in strong employer branding.

Maxime Mayer

Brand strategist

15 years of brand management and trendwatching. Working for clients in Europe like FTYM, HTM and RCM. For ecomgroup clients working on defining emerging consumer trends and creating concepts to bring more value to our customers.

Martijn Smit

E-commerce Manager

15 years of IT and e-commerce management, co-founder of managed hosting company Stone-IT . Former Managing Director of Smile Netherlands for PostNL E-commerce, Roompot Holidays, Neckermann, ANWB and MS Mode.

Ingrid van de Ven

Client director

Almost working 10 years with Top 100 e-commerce players in NL and BE.  Former sales manager at Buckaroo payment solutions. For ecomgroup working as a client director with business development as her key driver.

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