Online recruitment Campaigns

Our goal.

Using our e-commerce knowledge for creating new online concepts in new markets, that’s what we are working on in our latest project. The goal: getting new and qualified employees for a growing IT company while reducing the external recruiting budget.

Our concept.

creating an online campaign and platform based on the company’s real people and real content to create strong engagement with high potentials.

The project.

We believe that not only the recruiters playing fields are changing from physical, telephone and e-mailcontact to a 100% digital contact via linkedin, facebook and twitter but moreover the candidates reasons to choose for a certain job and company is changing rapidly. By simply telling a candidate that the salary will be 20% higher we don’t think you will select the best and employee, he or she will switch again in 2 or 3 years. By telling the candidate that this company invests much more in education and career than othe IT companies, we don’t think he will believe you. But by showing the real life, during work and during the weekend, of his potentional collegues, we can at least show him what he can expect when working here and let him decide for himself to follow this company. If we claim to be a good and professional company, why not show it to the people. The ups and downs. the good and the bad news. Like a real life soap.

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Ecomgroup is developing a new online platform (website, twitter and facebook) based on the real life of 4 employees. Please follow us on twitter to see how they are doing from july 1th.