Digital projects

Based on your digital and e-commerce strategy, its time to start the e-commerce execution. And thats where ecomgroup is changing the game. We don’t believe in big and everlasting projects, your ideas need to go live as soon as possible. No “triple workshop requirement sessions” that result in everlasting discussions on inscope or outscope functionality. Scrum and agile it is! No talking to seniors during the prospect phase and working with trainees during the execution. We think you need flexibility, transparancy, cost reduction and a faster time to market.

As a national football team captain, we take one project at a time and select the best players that are available. We have over 250 specialists available to help you with software development, online marketing, e-recruitment, stock photography, frontend designing, social campaigning and so on. With over 20 disciplines available, ecomgroup will make sure that all your e-commerce projects will be on budget and in time!

And its true, we are working with freelancers and small companies but we know them all. We know the problems that can occur when working 1-on-1 with these individuals. That the reason we are fully responsible for your budget, take legal responsibility and keep time to market as number one goal. We act as a full service internet agency with all the advantages but without the problems….

After finishing all projects, we have some new ideas about how you should take care of your repeatable work like seo and sea optimization, stock photography, newsletters and so on. We offer prepackaged service contracts that have high quality but lower monthly costs.

And, by the way, off course you still need and want a strong internal digital team that understands your business best. But in our philosophy this team can be as small as a only a business analyst, an online marketeer and a project manager supervised by an e-commerce manager. For that reason Ecomgroup recruites candidates for our customer.