E-recruitment services



By selecting 250 individual specialists for ecommercenetwork, we learned a lot about recruitment and the big changes that we will face in this field in the upcoming years. So why not use our expertise for one of the following goals:

1. Headhunting services | your short term recruitment fulfillment
2. Inbound recruitment campaigns | your long term recruitment strategy

Headhunting services

Although the Ecomgroup business model is all about flexibility, freelancing, small collectives and individual specialists for dedicated projects and jobs, we love to help our customers creating a small but strong internal digital competence team. This small team will define the e-commerce strategy, the alignment with the business goals and the overall program/project management. No more, no less. Our network will take care of al the projects that need to be implemented and executed.

So yes, we will be happy to recruit our new and primary customer contacts. Please take a look at our clients open positions and contact us if you are interested in an interview.

– business analyst (den bosch)
– e-commerce manager (utrecht)
– program manager digital (den haag)

For more information please use our contact form.

Want to know how to create a log term recruitment strategy, please take a look at our ideas about this.